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Pinball machines I own

Name:  Big Guns
Location:  Study
Playable:  Yes
Comments:  I got this one cheap from Lee Buck a long time ago. It looks essentially solid with very little wear (looking a bit grainy at the outlanes - needs waxing). Due to space I still don't even know if this one works or not, but Lee said it did. This one is on the shortlist for putting together and cleaning up, it looks totally unique. Actually done that now - biggest restoration job I've ever faced but it's now 100% after two solid weeks of work and many, many new parts (operator was chimp). One of the best playing games in the house actually!

Name:  Black Knight 2000
Location:  Study
Playable:  Yes
Comments:  Did an off-ebay deal to snare this one ;) When I got it, it was essentially working and cosmetically in VERY good condition. The wiring turned out to be another matter, and it took a little TLC to get all the flashers working, and remove some of the burned out connectors. Why are the worst wired games always from professional electricians?

Name:  Cyclone
Location:  Garage
Playable:  No
Comments:  I picked this one up at the Copthorne Jukebox & Americana show along with Diner. It was the game I'd gone specifically to see, and since it wasn't in bad shape I decided to buy it. Sadly I still haven't had time to do the work on it - it has worn inserts, and 3 displays are out after a swap with another machine. There's a small amount of sun yellowing generally, you can tell from where the slingshot mylar is. If anyone in the UK has a really good one of these for sale, please let me know.

Name:  Diner
Location:  Study
Playable:  Yes
Comments:  Along with Cyclone, this also came from the Copthorne show. I hadn't planned to get one of these, but it proved to be really good fun, and since it was in such nice shape I couldn't resist. It has some insert raising and wear problems (like all Diners more or less), but I've fixed all that up and made a custom mylar coat for the game. Arguably it didn't need this, as it's a Diamond Plate one, but DP doesn't stop insert wear - mylar does. A real house game this, fits in nicely.

Name:  Fire!
Location:  Lounge
Playable:  Yes
Comments:  The first game I got from the Pinball Paradise auction - and while games were very cheap on that first day, I had to fight for this one. I'd spotted it down the back and made it very obvious I wanted it, even to the point of standing and talking to friends in front of it, so people couldn't get a better look. I wanted this Fire. After almost missing the bidding entirely (cheers for the heads up Marcus), I had to fight for it, but won it in the end. It was money well spent, the machine worked 100%, right down to every last bulb. Did the shop job, and this has pride of place in the lounge. I turned the bell off - you have no idea how loud that is in a house.

Name:  Jokerz
Location:  Lounge
Playable:  Yes
Comments:  Ooohhh dear poor Jokerz. A friend of mine has a very large lockup (bordering on warehouse) that's full of pins. He heard I was after a Jokerz, and happened to have one that had been in there for 8 years. Words cannot describe how dirty this game was - it was balanced up on some upended machines, right at the back. We had to move almost 30 just to reach it, and the only reason the sun hadn't faded it away to white is the dirt was so thick it stopped it getting through. The translite was knackered too, the sound board missing, and the CPU cannibalised. It was cheap though, and three months of restoration later, is one of my nicest looking and most played machines.

Name:  Millionaire
Location:  Garage
Playable:  No
Comments:  Allegedly this works, Lee got it for me from Holland, but it needs extensive cosmetic work. I did get another playfield from him too, which is generally in better shape but also needs some TLC. The bare playfield sadly got a little damp in the transition and has a little raised grain at the outlanes. It's far from ruined though, at some point I hope to do the swap and the shop job. It's going to take a long time this one, the spare playfield is fully populated, but untested and very very dirty.

Name:  Pin*Bot
Location:  Garage
Playable:  Yes
Comments:  I got this one back when I was more of a pin newbie, from John Whyatt. It wasn't cheap, and now that I look at it more carefully, not the most beautiful one in the world - but to Johns credit has been in the garage for nearly two years and absolutely bulletproof in that time. It has had some light insert wear at the edges, and whoever fitted the factory mylar, did this without touching the black borders up first. Pity. Nice game though!

Name:  Riverboat Gambler
Location:  Garage
Playable:  No
Comments:  This one has been sitting in the garage ever since I won it on ebay. It's actually in mint condition bar one side of GI being out, and a broken target plastic (I haven't seen a single RG with that one intact - get in touch if anyone has!) When I finally get around to sorting the garage out, this one is literally going to take 10 minutes to get ready.

Name:  Road Kings
Location:  Garage
Playable:  No
Comments:  Another Copthorne one.... I got this from Lee in a trade for my Torpedo Alley - got addicted to it in Visual Pinball. A great and IMHO underrated game - and very cheap. I ended up with two of these, Lees has gone to Marcus, and the other one while working 100%, needs the clean/etc treatment, and a place to live. I'm looking forward to getting it set up :)

Name:  Space Station
Location:  Lounge
Playable:  Yes
Comments:  You'd be very hard pushed to find a better Space Station than this (although the GI is a bit dim now - PSU rebuild time). I got this one from Copthorne too, having not planned to get a Space Station at all, as it was so nice. Getting it home, I found out that actually the playfield was suffering from some damp damage in a few places - very weak paint and some light ripple. I found this out removing some mylar to replace with undamaged stuff. Some repainting followed, then a very ill advised buying of a second machine with an allegedly collector condition playfield (you know who you are....) which actually turned out to be very sun faded. I swapped all the best parts onto my unfaded machine, fixed any cosmetics, and now it's a really really nice example. I'd still buy a NOS playfield for it though if I saw one. Another unusual and uncommon game.

Name:  Street Fighter II
Location:  Study
Playable:  Yes
Comments:  The fact that I have a Gottlieb, is PBJims fault. He has a webpage about his (URL to follow), claiming it's a great game for the money it costs. I tried it in Visual Pinball, and he wasn't wrong - as much as it pains me to agree with him. I got addicted in fact, and ended up buying one in an off-ebay deal from a operator in Cornwall. It works fine, very nice condition and just needs a clean+rerubber. I've got it in the study now, and it turns out the flippers are worse than hitting things with a wet fish. Time for a rebuild kit...

Name:  Swords Of Fury
Location:  Garage
Playable:  No
Comments:  Words cannot describe how dirty this SoF is. I just sold my working one to Marcus in Wellingborough, this one has good inserts (mylared) but light yellowing outside the mylar. It's also covered with thick black dirt. This is what happens when some imbecile sprays an ENTIRE MACHINE with switch cleaner, or it may be WD40 - I haven't yet worked that out. It does work, but it's currently in a million pieces while I try to clean the damn thing.

Name:  Taxi
Location:  Garage
Playable:  No
Comments:  My second win from the Pinball Paradise auctions. Taxi is looking in good shape, but I don't know if it works yet - although the power supply definitely does. It's one of the Marilyn ones - note these aren't anything like as rare as people would have you think - I've never seen a single Lola one in the UK. Needs a few insert touchups, a clean, and mylar protection for high wear areas.

Name:  Tales Of The Arabian Nights
Location:  Lounge
Playable:  Yes
Comments:  I may be a sys11 fan, but you've got to have a little variety ;-) If I told someone this machine was a home use only one, they'd believe me. It's spotless, perfect. It was cleaned up by Ian in Blackpool, who sold it to Nick of Pinballers Anonymous, and I fell in love with it at his open day. It cost, wait for it .... 2300UKP. I had to sell almost my entire JAMMA board collection to pay for it, but it was worth it - I think it's the best looking pinball ever made, without question.

Name:  Whirlwind
Location:  Hallway...
Playable:  100% but currently dismantled for a move
Comments:  A very nice Whirlwind indeed - I got this from Eddie Mole, and have since given it a really top notch clean+wax job, new rubbers, a few new plastics, and some cliffy protectors. Only downside to the machine is some repainting on the front of the cab, and the coin door has been stripped. All in good time. It will be playable again just as soon as I find the space, I don't really want to move it to the garage as it's so nice!