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Review: on ??/??/????

  • Game: Black Knight 2K
  • Designer: Steve Ritchie

               Reviewer  Rudy  8Ball  Drac  Buzz  Total
          Art-Backglass  8.5   8      7     9     8
  Art-Playfield/Cabinet  8     7      7     8     7.5
                  Sound  10    7      10    9     9
                  Rules  7.5   5      7.5   6     6.5
       Playfield Design  7     2      9.5   5     6
Replayability/Longevity  8     4      9     5     6.5
            Total Score                           7.25


Rudy: Sounds are just plain awesome. Not necessarily limited to the soundtrack, but all sounds are crisp, get your attention and match with what's going on in the game.

8Ball: Ransom sound and lamp effect are awesome. Double Knights MB challenge is fun but risky to light via the U-Drain®.

Drac: Excellent sound quality, along with one of the funnest and most clever upper playfield designs ever conceived

Buzz: Nice sound and light show. Dark artwork looks good. Magna-save is back! Even some of the alpha display graphics are cool.


Rudy: Ha ha haaa, No way!!

8Ball: Sorry folks but BK2K is one of the most overrated pins of the 90's. Overall ruleset cannot be well ultilized with the poor FF design. Sounds are good quality but get annoying and repetitious. The Lightning wheel's 16 random awards are reduced to a single worthless award by camping on 20K after you've played into a game far a while. U-Turn should be re-named "U-Drain®", Drop Targets should be re-named "Drain Targets®". An average of 3 balls drain out the left outlane while trying to relight the kickback once via the Drain Targets®. The only thing to do on the lower playfield is try to get the ball to the upper PF. Average ball time on upper PF is about 5 seconds (you get the picture). Top Multiplier lanes are worthless after 5X bonus multiplier is lit. Top loop feature too inconsistent.
The original BK'80 is a far superior design and game in all aspects. You might as well walk away if the bottom right flipper is any less than full power. If a BK2K and Rollergames were the only 2 pins at the location I'd be playing the RG.

Drac: Relighting the left kickback from the 3rd time on becomes somewhat frustrating for the average player because the drop target timeout gets extremely short (but experienced players will enjoy the challenge).

Buzz: Besides the left ramp to upper loop combo there is nothing else fun or worthwhile to aim for that isn't a deathshot! Bottom playfield is just a waste since the only objective isto return to the top. Top has decent flow but with only 1 flipper there is to much down time. This game would have been awesome as a single level. As it is its just an avg game with great (yet repetitive) sounds and art.