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Review: on ??/??/????

  • Game: Earthshaker!
  • Designer: Pat Lawlor
  • MFG: WMS

               Reviewer  Rudy  8Ball  Drac  Buzz  Total
          Art-Backglass  8     8.5    7.5   9     8.25
  Art-Playfield/Cabinet  9     8.5    7.5   9.5   8.75
                  Sound  8.5   9      8     8     8.25
                  Rules  8     9      8.5   8.5   8.5
       Playfield Design  9     9      9     9     9
Replayability/Longevity  9     8.5    8.5   8.5   8.5
            Total Score                           8.5


Rudy: Shaker motor, neat ball lock feature, and lots of shots. Bitchin!

8Ball: Very solid pin with exellent flow and rules. Shaker motor is awesome especially when playing on a tile floor! Drop targets move jackpot value so you can try to get the 1.5m & EB award which is by far the best award since bonus and multipliers are carried over from ball to ball. Cool backglass is one of the last mirrored glasses for Williams. Tight shot into the EB hole is right on the money. Smooth well placed ramps. Jackpot sounds and lamp effects is awesome.

Drac: The shaker motor in this game was the 1st time the device was used in a pin. Its presence in many future games such as Road Show is a testimony to its brilliance. The game flow and rules are solid as well.

Buzz: Neat toys and great art package round out this well designed playfield. The match-up scoop shot is a challenge in itself. Shaker motor feels good on the hands. Cool and unique loop that feeds to the upper flipper on a line which can make for some interesting combos.


Rudy: Hard to find fault with this game. Maybe the repeatable ramp shot if one wants to nit-pick

8Ball: Quick multiball feature is cool but can be exploited since it is easy to light and you can relight it again and again.

Drac: A tad easy (but you'll be having enough fun where you won't care too much), but none really -- a clean, solid effort.

Buzz: Repetitive ramp shot can be raped. Death shot 50K target next to captive ball. Not much to do after collecting jackpot.