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Review: Matt McKenzie on 12/11/2004

I think most people can't like this game for one reason, or maybe a combination of two reasons. The Backglass and the artwork. It's very Mid-80's looking, but that's what adds to the nostalgia for the game. The Really bothersome thing on the backglass for me is the Woman. For a guy with that much money, you would think he could have done better! But hey, it's 1986 - her hair could have been worse!

Once you get past this pinball looks is pure mid-80's looking, it's really a great game. The Palm Tree Artwork on the playfield is really quite slick, as it spreads across the roulette wheel and the slingshots.

The Game play is Fast - and the Ball Diverter is a neat twist. As you practice, you become better at timing it. This is unique attribute to the game.

The Roulette wheel - hated by some as it "Slows" down gameplay is what adds to the game, and makes it a different game every time. Everything from 5.000-100,000 - plus some specials, extras and even Instant multi-ball. Great Fun - and it sucks when you get 5,000! Instant Multi-ball is great, especially if you're going for the jewels... Instant Jewel Reward! It adds unpredictable element to every game.

Drop Targets - Unique way to Get 2X, 3X and 5X. (Why no 4X?) If you're a good aim with the ball diverter, you can get 5X pretty easily - and then Bonus CASH for every hit beyond the 5X

The Outlane Gates Are very cool. The WHOOOSH sound when they close. Great when they are open, Not fun when they close. They add more to the game that you might think.

The MONEY and BANK targets. Fun to hit, in some ways more fun that drop targets. :)

Getting the extra Ball via the Gold and Silver deal isn't easy, but that makes it a good challenge. It's cool that spelling MONEY re-opens the outlane game!

Finally - The Biggest Pay-off - The Jewels. These are NOT easy - especially to get to HOTSHOT - after you get the first 3 jewels. You have to lock - and re-lock - and re-lock - and re-lock without draining a ball. Not as easy as it would seem, and makes for a good challege, especially if you're playfield is fast. That's why hitting "Multi-Ball" on the roulette wheel is a great way to go if you can!

Cabinet - I actually kind of like it. Nice Blue color and Nice Font.

Many lights on the playfield telling you big your bonus is, and how close you are to being a Millionaire by lighting Each Letter until you get there - Then you get a Free Spin on the wheel! The Flasher Strobes are abundant - in the backglass and the playfield. When you get the multi-ball going full steam - the lights go nuts when you first start - just enough to blind you - AlA F-14 Tomcat - but it's still fun!

Sound - Some of the sounds sound borrowed from Pinbot - other are unique. The Music is one of the best parts of the game. The Main theme is just great - and the Muti-Ball themes (Different ones for each jewel) are also great, and really apply the pressure. Some of the voices are funny too - My Personal Favorite is "Get a Job" if you score sux! but there are other fun ones too. "Go For it Hotshot" and "Daaaaaahling - I love Rubies"

All in all - an underated and ignored game because of the artwork. Most people are dumping this game these days, or parting it out for the boards. Pick one up if you want - should be cheap - and it really is fun and a great asset to your system 11 collection. Be Aware, the Roulette Wheel is fickle, so take care of your game. So What do you say - "How 'Bout a Spin?"