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Review: on ??/??/????

  • Game: Whirlwind
  • Designer:Pat Lawlor

               Reviewer  Rudy  8Ball  Drac  Buzz  Total  
          Art-Backglass  8     8.5    9.5   9.5   9
  Art-Playfield/Cabinet  8     8.5    7     10    8.5
                  Sound  8     9      8     9     8.5
                  Rules  7.5   9.5    8     9.5   8.5
       Playfield Design  8     9.5    8.5   10    9
Replayability/Longevity  8     9      8.5   9     8.5
            Total Score                           8.75


Rudy: Possible sweeping skill shot of the drop targets. Spinning disks add another variable. Multiballs get tougher after your first one. Jackpot shot is tough, but very rewarding. Fun game.

8Ball: Excellent pin with great flow, sounds and lamp effects. Awesome rules keeps players coming back for more! The spinning discs are a cool feature and the blower fan keeps you cool on hot days. Setting up the million plus shot and nailing it over & over is a rush. Completing the Mega door bonus feature has a cool effect. Alley pass to the right in-lane to re-light the cellar door value lamp for a few seconds, then nail it! For the skill shot rather than plunging the ball into the drop targets do a light plunge to the lower right flipper and clean all 3 targets with one shot!

Drac: Playing it is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Very enjoyable multiball shots and multiball rules.

Buzz: One of the greatest playfield designs to date. First 3 way combo and one of the hardest. Million Plus idea was brilliant at the time and always made you feel like you could do better the next time. Quick MB combinable with regular MB for major points. 6 jet bumpers and playfield still has great flow.


Rudy: Everybody underground now! No wait, that's a different game that blows.

8Ball: Nailing the spinner results in only 2-3 revolutions on a good day. Not a very fun pin to play with a weak upper right flipper.

Drac: Lots of tweaking required on most examples to get upper right flipper adjusted correctly to make side ramp (i.e. small sweet spot area on flipper) shot at a reasonable difficulty level

Buzz: None really, couple of worthless cellar awards but otherwise solid.